Enigma Simulator by Terry Long

Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.1

The only thing different in this version is that I fixed a bug I deemed critical: the ‘C’ reflector was not working, causing button keys to get “stuck” and no encryption.

Turns out I was missing a comma in my source code. Figures…

4 Responses to “Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.1”

  1. Frits Cabout Says:

    Thanks Terry, ‘C’ reflector works flawless now.

  2. David Hoolk Says:

    I love the program! It’s very well made, and I hope to see more of it in the future! Mery Christmas by the way //David from Växjö, Sweden

  3. Jim Springett Says:

    You’ve done a terrific job simulating Enigma. Great graphics and realism! One suggestion for future versions – when quitting the program it would be convenient if the Steckerbrett panel wires are saved provided the rotors have been correctly re-initialized before closing. Otherwise they should disappear as they now do. Thanks again.

  4. PJ Harris Says:

    This game is really fun. Time really flies when I am playing. Good for the game, not so good for being productive.

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