Enigma Simulator by Terry Long

Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.3

It’s finally here.
Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.3

The most significant new feature in this version is AppleScript support. You can now write scripts to change all of the Enigma settings and even encrypt text.
One cool way to use the new AppleScript support is to use it to create presets for fast switching between settings. If you create a ‘Presets’ folder in the Enigma Simulator scripts folder (accessed through the script menu in Enigma Simulator), it will show up as a submenu in the script menu. Any folder you add to the script folder will do the same thing. How cool is that? Hmm… maybe I’m too nerdy. Then again, how nerdy is spending your free time programming an Enigma simulator?

Check the download/features page for other improvements.

Hope you like it!

3 Responses to “Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.3”

  1. MordEth Says:

    Awesome app, although definitely geeky. *laughs* I downloaded it out of curiosity earlier (I hadn’t tried any of the previous versions), and I have to say that I’m quite impressed; the graphics and sounds are great. I haven’t tried playing with the Applescript support yet, but I’m somewhat interested in doing so at some point; I’ve been working on expanding my knowledge of Applescript.

    Very impressive application, albeit a very niche one.

  2. L-J Says:

    I don’t understand anything it is so confuse to decrypt a message

  3. Terry Long Says:

    Reading the FAQ and the example may help you. Also, try using the Example Script in the script menu. It will change all of the settings so it is already set up for the example on the example page. Other than that, using this simulator may require knowledge of how a real Enigma works, so check out Wikipedia.

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