Enigma Simulator by Terry Long
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Enigma Simulator

v. 1.2.4
Mac OS X v. 10.2.8 or later



New Features:

  • Updates by SparkleChecks for updates automatically
  • Steckerbrett wires hang off the bottom of window
  • Bug Fixes
    • Checks for undefined settings before executing AppleScripts and displays errors
    • ***Export stops after clicking 'Cancel'
    • Steckerbrett dragging limited proportionately at smaller sizes

Other Features:

  • Realistic graphics and sounds
  • Accurate encryption/decryption
  • Steckerbrett (plug board)
  • Input text/file and export to the clipboard, email, Schreibmax, or file
  • Ringstellung (ring settings)
  • Schreibmax (printer)
  • AppleScript Support
  • Rotor positions and Ringstellung can be changed using a scroll wheel
  • Rotors and reflector can be changed
  • Click on-screen buttons or type on keyboard
  • Universal BinaryUniversal Binary

Known Bugs/Issues

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  • Shadows & images sometimes disappear on window resize
  • Some Steckerbrett wires drawn slightly different on window resize
  • Schreibmax displays incorrectly after about 600 characters
  • Pushing 'export' logs NSRunStorage error
  • Scripts folder not always automatically created in "username/Library/Scripts/Enigma Simulator" on Intel Macs
  • Schreibmax sometimes does not draw complete paper tape when first opened on Intel Macs
  • Default reflector is C
  • Dragging text from Schreibmax to Import/Export window converts it to Chinese characters (but copy and paste still works)