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End of Development

August 31st, 2011

It’s been awhile since my last update to Enigma Simulator. I’ve been busy with school and other things. Soon, I will be starting my new job at Apple.
For this reason, I sadly will no longer be working on Enigma Simulator. I would have liked to add more features, but it already has quite a few.

Maybe when I get a chance I can upload the source code and allow others to improve upon it or just play around. I also have a mostly complete iPhone version that I never got around to finishing.


March 6th, 2008

If anyone would like to know, I have added a donation button to the right side of the main page of my website.

Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.4

March 1st, 2008

Less than two weeks after version 1.2.3, I have decided to release the next version. Version 1.2.4 includes automatic updating (Updates by Sparkle) and the Steckerbrett wires hang off the bottom of the Steckerbrett window.

It took a bit of trickery to get the wires to hang off the window like that, but I’m really pleased with the effect.

Also, with the new automatic updating, Enigma Simulator will automatically check for updates each time it starts up and will notify you if it finds a new version and its new features. Then, you can download, install, and relaunch all right within the program. It’s very handy.

Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.3

February 18th, 2008

It’s finally here.
Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.3

The most significant new feature in this version is AppleScript support. You can now write scripts to change all of the Enigma settings and even encrypt text.
One cool way to use the new AppleScript support is to use it to create presets for fast switching between settings. If you create a ‘Presets’ folder in the Enigma Simulator scripts folder (accessed through the script menu in Enigma Simulator), it will show up as a submenu in the script menu. Any folder you add to the script folder will do the same thing. How cool is that? Hmm… maybe I’m too nerdy. Then again, how nerdy is spending your free time programming an Enigma simulator?

Check the download/features page for other improvements.

Hope you like it!

Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.1

December 18th, 2007

The only thing different in this version is that I fixed a bug I deemed critical: the ‘C’ reflector was not working, causing button keys to get “stuck” and no encryption.

Turns out I was missing a comma in my source code. Figures…

Enigma Simulator v. 1.2

November 21st, 2007

Enigma Simulator v. 1.2 is now released.
The most exciting new feature is the ability to encrypt entire blocks of text or files which can then be saved to a file, the clipboard, the Schreibmax, or sent as an email. Check the Download page for all new features.
Please try it out and make sure to tell all of your friends about it!

New Site

November 12th, 2007

I have the new site up and running, which you have obviously noticed if you are reading this. If you have any comments or improvements relating to the site, please feel free to post comments to this news article (technically a WordPress blog if you are interested in knowing).

I designed the entire site layout and graphics myself. The only part that is not my own is this nifty (and free) WordPress blog engine that I am using to post news on my homepage.

By the way, version 1.2 of Enigma Simulator will be out (very) soon with lots of cool new features and improvements.