Enigma Simulator by Terry Long

Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.4

Less than two weeks after version 1.2.3, I have decided to release the next version. Version 1.2.4 includes automatic updating (Updates by Sparkle) and the Steckerbrett wires hang off the bottom of the Steckerbrett window.

It took a bit of trickery to get the wires to hang off the window like that, but I’m really pleased with the effect.

Also, with the new automatic updating, Enigma Simulator will automatically check for updates each time it starts up and will notify you if it finds a new version and its new features. Then, you can download, install, and relaunch all right within the program. It’s very handy.

6 Responses to “Enigma Simulator v. 1.2.4”

  1. MordEth Says:

    The wires look awesome.

    One thing that I noticed, though…while the Shreibmax remembers the size that I set it to previously, it doesn’t draw the tape correctly unless I resize the window. See the screenshot below:


    In the next version, could you make it remember which windows were open previously, so one doesn’t need to do Cmd+2 and Cmd+3 to open the Steckerbrett and the Shreibmax?

  2. lestat Says:

    Great work! It’s a very nice tool!

  3. TonyG Says:

    Very nice piece of work. You might consider adding walzen VI, VII, & VIII. Maybe even add another rotor to provide M4 simulation … it’s pretty cool as it is though.

  4. Glenn Says:

    Very cool simulator! I was playing around with it last night. Wish I had found this before my sons birthday party last year. We did a “Spy” party theme and had other codes and encryption for them to do… this would have been great fun for them to do.

  5. Tom Cochrane Says:

    Great application. Really enjoyed using it. Are you developing it further?
    Would love to see the case encorporated – the windows all in one interface.

    Perhaps you could expand the enigma part of your website – some background and links to the IWM and Bletchly park etc.

  6. Jesse O Says:

    Very nice. Helped me understand the Enigma mechanism itself.
    Could you add a little window that we could use to paste the code in to decrypt it? I find that I have to paste it in another window (like word) and then copy it from there on out.

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